Sunday, March 27, 2011

missing the sun

I live in southern california, and i expect really decent weather. We actually pay for it in real estate and all the other taxes that ca has. For the last week it has been raining. In southern california, and for me that does not work. I love warmth, and i get depressed if the sun does not shine. The only good thing is that i did some work on my etsy site.

I just posted a new ring today, i actually really like it. It will be perfect for an engagement ring. Not traditional at all, but more unique and creative. What do you think?
The gold is hammered and the stone is actually a diamond, a rose cut diamond. These diamonds are more opaque, natural and beautiful. My diamond has a greenish color. So cool!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

los angeles time article

what a way to start the new year but open the newspaper and find an article written about you and etsy. super excited. wow so grateful!!!

Happy new year! thanks to etsy and all my customers that made this year amazing!!,0,2335024,full.story