Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello again!

So after some trials and errors here i am with a new page, new look, new blog.  I never thought that when i left morocco 20 years ago, that at some point in my life i would be blogging.  I don't think that word ever existed back then. But here i am blogging about my life, jewelry, designs, my son, our vegetable garden and before i forget, the new garden resident, my gopher.  He is now part of the family since he is using my vegetable garden as his dinner mostly.
I bet you can't feel the frustration, i guess just trying to be more zen about it.  Taking deep breaths.... which makes me thing i should write something about summer and jewelry.

Earrings, love them, own many pairs. But i am not the kind of girl who changes them all the time.  And if you are like me i have the perfect pair for you.  Who has the time anyway, kids, garden, house, cooking , chauffeuring, social coordinator for my 5 year old and husband...who has the time.  so follow me and i will show you.

 Perfect hoop earrings, very comfortable, and stylish. I seriously never take them off.

14karat yellow gold.

14karat pink yellow gold
with diamonds

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