Friday, June 11, 2010

soccer fever

I grew up in Morocco, and soccer or football as we call it outside of the US is the only game in town.  It is a national sport, kids are so into it that any round thing becomes a soccer  ball.
 I am from of a family of 5 kids, all girls except my older brother.  Soccer was not so big in our house, but living in morocco you cannot escape it.
Especially when you have one television set and the only channel available has soccer on.  So what does a girl do, watch soccer.  Yes we did, and really got into it.  The most amazing recollection was when a major game was on, i would go outside my window to look at the city outside, and it will all be quiet. No noise, no cars, no motorcycles.   We all shared the soccer fever.  The thought that almost everyone was doing the same thing at the same time was amazing.   We were all watching the soccer game.

As the world cup starts today, i will sit back and reminisce when i was a little girl, when Casablanca came at a stand still and how great it was to be part of it.


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