Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of july weekend

Ok if you live in the los angeles area , you must have heard about the truck food craziness.  Friday night,my friend suggested that we should meet at abbot kinney for the once a month gathering of truck food mania.  So my little family ventured to venice ca, more precisely abbot Kinney.  A very cute little street with lots of shops and great restaurants.  My friend did say that it would be crowded.  As we where trying to get into the city of venice, ca, we realized that crowded was an understatement.  We were crawling on the street.  After a few detours we finally make it to abbot Kinney and realized how insane it was when i found a parking spot and someone told me i was very lucky!. wow , this is going to be pretty interesting and crazy.

We walk down the street, and at 5:30 in the afternoon on a small parking lot, are 7-8 food trucks, people are lined up, waiting for food. what!!!the truck had not opened yet.  As i am standing there trying to take this in, i am thinking this is why i live here.  These trends start here, this is pretty cool.  So you wait in line with 30-40 people, the truck is not opened, i don't even know what they serve.  But guess what i am going to stand in line too just to see what this is all about.  yes me too, i did it. The Goji korean food truck.  So at 5:30 in the afternoon, 30 people in line, and people kept coming and coming and just piling on.  Young ones, old ones, tourists, little kids too.  I had mine with me, who enjoyed the experience so much.   Did i like the food? Yes i did, i ate from Goji, border grill, a vegetarian indian truck, my son and husband ate from the cheese truck and liked it.
Outside the parking lot, abbot kinney was so busy that we could not walk on the sidewalk.  At 9pm when we left, someone took my parking spot, the party i guess was not over yet!

Ok so would i do it again and why are people so enthused about this?
yes i would do it again. I have a small child, which makes it really convenient and fast. We don't eat fast food so this is my fast food  i guess.  And i loved being part of it.

Why are people so into the food trucks.  Are they turning their  back on traditional fast food, or is this just a way to bring people together around food without being at a restaurant?  Or you can eat really good food at a small price?  i am not sure, it might be a combination of all these things.

i cannot wait to go back!

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